This depends on the industry in which you intend to work and the types of cranes your employer prefers to own. We recommend asking your employer or prospective employer what type of cranes they own and operate. NCCCO certifications are specified by crane type, not tonnage.

Crane Wise offers exams for the following endorsements:

  • TLL- Telescopic Boom Swing Cab
  • TSS- Telescopic Boom Fixed Cab
  • LAT- Lattice Boom Crane
    • As of January 1, 2023, CCO has merged the LBC and LBT certifications into one endorsement
  • TWR- Tower Crane

TLL (Swing Cab), TSS (Fixed Cab) and LAT (Lattice Boom) are considered Mobile cranes and fall under the Mobile package prices. Certifying on one mobile crane does not authorize you to legally operate the others. You must hold a current endorsement for each crane type you intend to operate.

TSS is unique because it umbrellas two other smaller certifications. When you certify on TSS you also get additional endorsements automatically included, BTF (Boom Truck Fixed) and STC (Service Truck Crane)

5-day course is Monday through Friday. It includes 4 days of prep, split both inside covering the materials for the written exam and outside on the course getting seat time in the equipment to prepare for the practical exam. Practicals are taken when the student is ready. Written exams are proctored on Friday morning.

2-day Prep course is Wednesday through Friday. Generally recommended for students with prior experience on the equipment they are testing on (i.e., reinstating an expired certification, students officially certifying on equipment they have already been operating, etc.) Wednesday and Thursday are the prep days split inside the classroom and outside on the course. Written exams are proctored on Friday morning.

Yes. Many students choose to bundle endorsements during class. Each class package includes the test fees for one machine, each additional machine adds $850 to the total of whichever package best suits your needs. However, the more endorsements you register for, the more content you will have to study and divide your time and attention between.
If you are new to the industry, we recommend dedicating your focus to one crane. Additional endorsements can be added on later as needed.

5 years. You must recertify in the 4th year of your certification to avoid expiration. Recertification includes written exams only, as long as you have operated for a minimum of 1,000 hours on each piece of equipment you are certified on during the 5 years of the certification.

If your certification expires, you must reinstate it- meaning you must take both the written and practical exams for each machine again.

Please keep in mind that you do not lose time on your 5 years if you recertify up to 12 months early. Your expiration month remains the same and the year is extended another 5 years as long as you pass the recertification exams.

Both package options include lunch at our facility during the prep days (not Friday) and all of your tuition and CCO testing fees for the equipment you register for.

Crane Wise works with the MCM Elegante hotel to book rooms for students at a rate of $120 per night. This includes a $20 meal voucher for dinner at the restaurant in the lobby each night that you stay. They also have a continental breakfast. This is included in the all-inclusive package.

The only service Crane Wise does not offer is transportation to and from our facility to the hotel. Lubbock has Uber and our airport has rental car services if that is desired.

No, Crane Wise does not offer any job placement services.

No; However, we are approved by the Texas Workforce Commission as a vendor for their services and assistance. Reach out to your local Workforce office and complete their necessary paperwork. Their offices will contact us and we will work together to best assist you.

Because we are not an “educational institution”, we do not qualify to accept financial aid funds designated for such entities (student loans, grants, etc.).

We are currently working on completing all tasks required to apply for approval for VA Benefits such as GI Bills. At this time, we cannot accept such funding.

The Lattice Boom certifications have been merged into one endorsement. There is no longer a distinction between LBC (Crawler) and LBT (Truck). The new merged certification is LAT.

Expiration dates are no longer merged. Prior to 2023, if you added an endorsement on in the middle of your certification, your expiration date remained the same. This made it easier, since you did not have to keep up with multiple expiration dates.

As of 2023, any added endorsements will be good for the full 5 years from the month it was added. This means no lost time on an endorsement, but also means that the operator is responsible for keeping up with all expiration dates and ensuring that they recertify prior to expiration.

State by State Licensing Information

According to NCCCO website, the below listed 16 states and 7 cities currently have additional licensing requirements for crane operators. Administrative procedures change periodically; please ensure you contact the appropriate authority to ensure you have the latest information. Click the links below for state-specific requirements. 

Please note that any state regulations are in addition to the federal guidelines. Crane operators in all 50 states are required to hold a nationally accredited crane operator license as well as be qualified to operate the crane at their work sites. Crane Wise Certifications offers training to license through NCCCO, which is one of the nationally accredited programs recognized by OSHA.